Dared To Dream: A Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Regardless of anyone’s race, religion, or political views, we all know that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man sent by God for a specific purpose; to effect peaceful change in the course of a nation. What could have so-easily been another violent, hateful, bloody civil war among Americans over racial inequality was guided along a much more peaceful, cooperative, and patient path by Dr. King’s strong, convicted leadership. He was prepared to sacrifice his life for this important cause, but not before he planted seeds of awareness and moral change by shedding light on the dark truth of our immoral attitude towards racial minorities, an evil that was bringing us down as a nation. Dr. King and his followers accomplished the unimaginable task of changing a culture, steering a nation towards the right path of racial integration and assimilation. Thank God Martin Luther King, Jr. dared to dream.

Mike Allen